Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Popular tickets going onsale jan 5 2021

According to some inside information from the most popular ticket information sites it looks like today there is some strong demand for WWE tickets, Billy Strings tickets and strangely enough, Weird Al presale password info.

There's clearly no accounting for taste here, WWE could be good or a quick buck, we will see.

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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Presale Everything

Everything presale passwords:

Have you ever tried to buy tickets to a concert or sporting event only to find out that the event was sold out in seconds/minutes? The real kicker is that if you were to check the inventory at Stubhub, TicketsNow, or TicketLiquidator you would find hundreds, if not thousands of tickets available at much higher prices than face value. It sure doesn't seem fair, but rather than cry and complain, we should be taking advantage of a perfect opportunity to make some money. If you can't beat them, join them! The only difference between you and them is that they have knowledge that you don't.
If your willing to put in some time, research, and effort, then becoming a full or part-time ticket broker may be for you. The barrier to entry is minimal and you can start out as slowly or quickly as you want. I will provide you with the resources that you need to get started. The broker industry is a somewhat secret society but the information below should give you a very nice base on the things you need to know in order to become a full or part-time ticket broker.
Benefits of Becoming a Ticket Broker
* Very Low Start-Up costs.
* Supplement or Replace Your Current Income.
* Learn How to Buy Tickets to Events for the Lowest Possible Cost.
* Spend as Little or As Much Time as You Want With the Business.
The secondary market is created when any ticket that is sold for an event by someone other than the primarary seller. For example, I could potentially go and buy a pair of Madonna tickets from Ticketmaster the morning that they go on sale and then later on sell them on Stubhub for a price that was more in line with the true market value. The 3 major players in the secondary market are Stubhub/eBay, TicketLiquidator (backed by Ticket Network), and TicketsNow (now owned by I've recently read that the event industry is a $10-$12 billion dollar industry. There are many people making money in the industry including both primary and secondary resellers. Heck, even the guy working the street corner at your local venue is getting his piece of the pie. We're not interested in that guy though. We want to make money from the comfort of our homes. I should also note that selling tickets is not illegal in most states. In fact, many states have written legislation to remove these archaic laws. You will need to verify with your local/state laws to make sure you are in compliance.
You're not going to learn how to become a ticket broker by yourself. You will need the support of others in the broker community. The first place that you will want to visit and explore is EventExperts. You will want to learn about the ticket broker business from others who are already in the business. They have a great online community and I HIGHLY recommend surrounding yourself with people that know what they are talking about before buying and sell your first tickets. They not only offer a strong community, but they also have 'experts' that make predictions on whether or not a ticket will be a hot sell or not. As a member of their community you will have access to request predictions for your own events you're considering buying. Many of the experts have been there for years and have a wealth of information to share. There is a minimal montly subscription fee, but I feel that it's a very small price to pay for the information that you will receive, especially if you are new to the business. There is a great article on their site called HOW TO BECOME A TICKET BROKER that you should read if you want more information on the site.
You will also want to know when events are going to go on sale. Ticketmaster is the largest primary seller of tickets, but they certainly aren't the only way to make money in this business. There are several websites that aggregate onsale data from the different primary sellers and make it much easier to determine what you would like to buy in a given day. Many of them also offer presale passwords that will generally give you a leg up Average Joe Concert Goer.

Some great Sites: